When this will happen?
Departure from 'Olympialaituri' Fr 13-sep-2024 at 5 pm GMT+2 Helsinki, Finland - destination Värtahamnen, Stockholm, Sweden. ETA at 10 am GMT+1

Departure from 'Värtahamnen' Sa 14-sep-2024 at 4.45 pm GMT+1 Stocholm, Sweden - destination Helsinki, Finland

Return Su 15-sep-2024 (appx) 10.30 am GMT+2 to Helsinki, Finland

Updated 9-apr-2024:

General questions

Where is this cruise going?
- Helsinki - Marienhamn - Stockholm - Marienhamn - Hellsing. 

Is there an age limit?
Yes; 18 years, minimum. Minors are not allowed in this group, even with legal parents.

Who are running this?
Event runners for FurFloat 2024 are @Finotr @Wolfbreath @Rimawolf @Kaigoc (Telegram). We can be reached also with eMail kapteeni@furfloat.com

This event is not arranged, supported nor endorsed by finnish furry association FinFur ry. Although they very likely love to attend every year - they have nothing to do with arrangements, so please contact the persons above, instead.

How much will this cost?
Group Order Ticket price is abt 70 EUR vat inclusive per person (prices can change, this is not an offer). This will cover the trip and accommodation in a 4 furs room, a lanyard and one breakfast ticket, which You can use at buffet breakfast either saturday or sunday morning. Group Order is available only for HKI-STO-HKI route. Other connections You have to arrange Your trip and accommodation by Yourself. You are very welcome to do that, also. We do not discriminate, nor limit individual arrangements. Everyone are welcome.

Buffet lunches and extra breakfast are available to order with registration and prices will be added to total.
Extra breakfast 19 EUR.
Buffet (all You can eat) lunch 47 EUR.

How can I register?
This applies only for persons to attend the cruise HKI-STO-HKI route with group reservation. Group Order is available only for HKI-STO-HKI route. Other connections You have to arrange Your trip and accommodation by Yourself.

There is no particular requirement to register for to attend the event. You are free to book a trip at Silja Line by Yourself - You are welcome - there is no fees to hang with us .. I mean attend to event. That's all.

I have an allergy, wheelchair, I’m limited and I have special needs not met by the standard. And I want my chinchilla with me and I desperately need a cabin with a spa and seaside view?
No can do. With this group reservation - only standard goes. In these cases; You have to arrange Your trip and accommodation by Yourself. Shipping company offers many options for disabled people and for pets, also. You can, as well, upgrade your accommodations, as You like. Unfortunately You cannot enjoy benefits of the group order with that - but You are all welcome to attend any free activities offered by the group.

What if I reserve the cruise by Myself and I still want the lanyard?
Send eMail about to kapteeni@furfloat.com and You can collect the lanyard in cash 5 EUR onsite. Due date for lanyard orders is 9th aug 2024.

How can I pay this?
Group orders must be paid in advance, including extras. Due date is 9th aug 2024 Payment information will be sent to You after registration. In general, the payment goes with SEPA payment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Euro_Payments_Area 

If You, nor Your bank are not located on SEPA, send a message and We’ll find a way to pay. PayPal is, unfortunately, not accepted.

How can I cancel and can I get my money back?
Unfortunately funds are non-returnable. We are not a travel agency. After the due date; everything is already paid to the shipping company. After that we cannot return any money - even in case of illness, disability, travel-issues or injury. Consult Your travel insurance, for that. This cruise is arranged by a voluntary group of just ordinary people, who simply can not afford to take responsibility for unused travels, tickets and uneaten foods.

Your ticket with accessories is still transferable to another person - You are allowed to sell Your ticket to someone else. You do the selling and payment by Yourself. We just need to know who is actually attending the cruise at least 48h before departure. Same rules for personal information apply, as do Yours. eMail kapteeni@furfloat.com

How I can exchange money - does my credit card work on the ship?
VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, Diners Club works always. Pure credit cards do work.
VISA Electron, VISA Debit, VPAY, Debit Mastercard and Maestro - if satellite connection is up; all cards requiring verification needs internet connection.

It is always best to have some cold cash on, if tech fails. EUR only, SKR is not egilible for cash payments on the ship.

There is a money exchange point at the ‘Promenade’ level on the ship. Exchange rates are not the most favourable, but they take most of the major currents.

Do I need a passport or EU Identification?
  • EU citizens: EU identification or passport
  • International passengers: A passport / VISA for some countries
  • FIN-SWE-NO-IS-DK - no official identification needed*

*Ye Olde Deal with Nordic countries for free passage for their citizens. You can pass the borders freely - but You are obliged to verify Your citizenship, somehow, if asked. It is not illegal for us, Nordics, to pass our borders - but You might be arrested until you verify Your identity, if You have no identification on You. 

When will the ship leave the port (of Helsinki)?
13-sep-2024 at 5pm.

Where will the ship depart?
From Helsinki port, ‘Olympialaituri’ https://goo.gl/maps/BC2VWXPyL4mXw34x9

How can I get there?
First: Get Yourself to Helsinki. Then:
Use magic word “Olympialaituri” for the destination

When I need to be there?
The ship departs at 5pm local hour - advice to be there is at least a full hour before.

How will I find any of the showrunners at the terminal?
You should look for anyone with a tail. They might not be the runners, but they most likely know where to find one.

How can I get my cabin ticket and my lanyard?
Showrunners will deliver Your tickets and lanyards. Find one of them - and You’ll be served. 

If You have reserved Your own trip outside the group; You should visit the terminal booth for the trip ticket.

How will I get onboard (to the ship)?
There are gates to the ship at the terminal. They will be opened as the crew will allow passengers to board. On every gate, there are optical readers for Your ticket, which will open the gate for You. Just show the 2D-barcode to the reader, and the door will open. Then; You just need to follow the corridor and You will - eventually - end up on the boat.

What stuff I need during the trip - and what's not to be good to have, with?
Cabins have bed sheets, some soap and shampoo and towels, included. Bring Your own toothbrush and needed personal equipment with You. Note: Sheets will not be changed during the trip, until specially requested.

On these trips, no narcs, with. No greens, no whites - no grass, no powders. No pills, also. Currently these are illegal here. We do have a reputation of a responsible group - so our hope is to keep that as is.

Recent years there has been a debate about personal audio devices, also. According to current rules by the shipping company: No personal boom-boxes and portable speakers, on. Sorry - no cabin disco, please.

How can I find myself in my cabin on the ship?
On Your cabin ticket, there’s a magic number: It’s the first number - that means the level, or the floor number on the ship. If Your cabin number starts with number 6 - that means Your cabin is at the 6th floor on the ship. Also, pressing elevator number 6 will get You to the same level as Your cabin. In every corridor there’s a sign pointing towards the accordingly numbered cabins. This might at first look a bit awkward, but You’ll learn quickly. 

“Symphony” and “Serenade” are both sister ships - so this floor plan matches them both fair enough:
Ship floorplan download link

I am hungry! How can I stuff myself with food on the ship?
As an option at registration, there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet to choose. That is called ‘Grande Buffet’. Also, there’s one free breakfast for everyone on group order included to use on either back, or forth travel. Optional ‘Extra Breakfast’, if marked means the same breakfast for both directions. Link below describes the buffet and all other options the ship has to deliver, also:
Eat and Drink

How much I can buy spirits, alcohol, tobacco products etc?

This is a complicated question. 

I do not dwell into the reasons why ‘Ahvenanmaa’ aka. Åland is a tax-free zone. Also, I do not want to mess with the thing, that Sweden is the only country in Europe allowed to sell ‘snus’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snus (“nuuska” in finnish). This all makes complicated to almost ridiculous rules, for selling stuff on board. 

Ahvenanmaa, Åland makes tax-free sales possible on these routes. Just boarding at Maarianhamina gives the ships the right to sell stuff tax-free on the ships. Same time it renders off the EU rules for the amount of imported goods for the passengers. Practically that means - everything we buy from the ship is considered to be ‘imported outside the EU’ - and therefore to be under import regulations. 

To Finland tax-free limits for alcohol are:
  • 24h off country
  • 18 of age (20 for >22%)
  • Only for to own use or to gift:
  • 4 Litres of wine
  • 16 litres of beer
  • 1 litres of hard alcohol >22% OR INSTEAD 2 liters of mixed alcohol <22%
  • No alcohol is allowed to import, if staying outside of Finland is less than 24 hours. Even with tax.

To Sweden Tax-free limits for alcohol are:

  • 20h off country
  • 20 of age - regardless of alcohol content
  • Only for to own use or to gift:
  • 4 Litres of wine
  • 16 litres of beer
  • 1 litres of hard alcohol >22% OR INSTEAD 2 liters of mixed alcohol <22%  (including sparkling wine!) 
  • No alcohol is allowed to import, if staying outside of Sweden is less than 20 hours. Even with tax.

Tobacco products to Finland:

  • 24h off country
  • 18 of age
  • 200 cigarettes (one 10-pack box)
  • OR 100 small cigars max 3gr each
  • OR 50 cigars
  • OR 250g loose tobacco / other tobacco products
  • Snus: 1000gr for personal use only

Tobacco products to Sweden:

  • 24h off country
  • 18 of age
  • 200 cigarettes (one 10-pack box)
  • OR 100 small cigars max 3gr each
  • OR 50 cigars
  • OR 250g loose tobacco / other tobacco products
  • Snus: Technically not limited, but net worth of all imported goods for tax-free is 4700 SKR in total value

Snus sales is open only at on Swedish waters:

  • HKI-STO route 08.00-09.30 swedish time
  • STO-HKI route 17.00-21.30 swedish time

Does the ship have a Sauna? Can I swim?
‘Sunflower Oasis’ SPA, at the ship stern level 12. Sauna, turkish sauna, beverages, jacuzzi. Rental towels and swimming gear available.

Finland and Sweden are in different time zones. What it is and how it will work on ship?
Finland is at +2 hour GMT and Sweden is at +1 hour GMT. Ships will follow departure harbour time - that means for the route to Stockholm the ship will follow Finland time. Route to Helsinki will follow Swedish time. Adjust Your clocks accordingly. Note: Your ‘almighty’ digital cell phones might automatically adjust the time for You.

What are the exchange rates towards EUR / USD / SEK?
At the moment of writing this document (may 2022, Forex exchange rates) - all values are rounded approximates.
1 SEK = 0.09 EUR = 0.1 USD
1 EUR = 11.6 SEK = 1 USD
1 USD = 11.6 SEK = 1 EUR
Real exchange rates are determined by exchange offices by the date and value, accordingly.

Plan for Stockholm Metro

Route planner and public transport for Stockholm

Am I obliged to leave the ship at the visiting port?
No. You can hang on the ship, if You wish. There is no need to depart during the cruise. 

When will the ship leave back to Helsinki?
Ship will leave Värtahamnen at 4.45 pm GMT+1. You must be back at ship at least an hour before departure - on local Swedish time. Remember that the last leg at the port is surprisingly long: reserve time enough, at least 30 min more than You think. After the cruise Ship will dock to Helsinki harbor appx 10.30 am GMT+2 Sunday.

Is there a pharmacy / drug store on the ship?
Is there a hospital on the ship?
As a meaning for a shop selling medicines on the ship: No. You should take Your own prescription and medicines with You. In case of emergency and acute need for medicine and/or healthcare - there’s infirmary on the ship. Contact any ship’s official in need. Showrunners will always try their best to help You also, in any case of emergency.

I have lost my stuff / I have found misplaced stuff - where to ask?
There is Lost-And-Found Telegram chat available "Löytötavaranurkka". It's in finnish, but english works as well. https://t.me/joinchat/DUYEnkaBVlNlbcmH1BTnfw

What is the answer for the cruise, life and everything?
As always: 42

This is the end of the FAQ. 
In doubt, share Your questions with us: kapteeni@furfloat.com - we try to answer all of Your questions as soon and as best, we can. This FAQ is a living document and will be upgraded as more questions will arise.

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